Design Work for Classes

Examples of design work I have done, with brief descriptions. Alternatively, a designed version of my portfolio in PDF version can be viewed here


This is the cover I designed for my final portfolio for my Creative Writing course. The full designed version with my writing samples and ample ampersands can be viewed here.

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 4.51.54 PMScreen Shot 2013-08-30 at 5.12.00 PM

This was a fictitious ad I created for an art class for a revolutionary new weight loss pill called LEFE, using the highly effective bacteria E coli. The assignment asked us to take something with an established meaning, and present it in a way that turned that meaning on its head. I chose to play with the obsession we have with weight loss, combined with a highly dangerous bacteria we (rationally) have a natural aversion to. It would achieve the desired result–weight loss–but in an unsafe way. How far are we willing to go?  Additionally, the ad is meant to open up, and the dotted lines indicate where the page would fold.

Designs for Introduction to Typography Course:

For our final project in Typography, we were asked to write a 2500 word essay, and then design a 20 page spread for the essay.  I chose to write my essay on Cipe Pineles, a famous women’s magazine art director in the 1900s.  Pictured above is the front cover, and you can view the spread in its entirety here: Final Project PDF

This was the first project I created for Typography.  The assignment asked us to pick six words and convey them using typography.  I decided to go with the theme of cooking terms, and chose a sequence that illustrated a recipe.  This design was created in Illustrator.


Intro to Graphic Design:


This is an album cover I designed for the song Cameras by Matt & Kim.  The band is known for their DIY-style of music, and so I wanted to recreate that by designing the album by hand.  The buildings and street were drawn and scanned in, and then digitally placed over the sky image.  The sky image was created by printing out an image of a sky, and then splatter-painting it with water colors and a toothbrush.


This was a poster created for the final project for my Intro course.  The prompt asked us to design a poster for a cause, and I chose to design a poster highlighting the benefits of buying local produce.  The piece was created by printing out different textures, then using an exact-o knife to cut out the pieces.  The pieces were glued on and then scanned in, and the text was placed onto the image digitally in Photoshop.


This project asked us to create a series of four stamps. I chose to illustrate fruit, using colored pencils to color white paper and then cutting the paper out in the shapes of various fruits and pasting them onto the stamp template. I then scanned the design into the Photoshop and edited for the final draft.


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